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More Primm Property Sketches in Brentwood

 A couple more Primm Property Sketches in Brentwood Tennessee. (On Moore's Lane) Also some other things I have been working on. A church near Jamestown Tennessee, Cumberland Gap sketch etc.Primm Property Sketches in Brentwood Tennessee. (On Moore's Lane)  Cove Baptist Church near Jamestown… read more.

Lincoln County and Petersburg Tennessee

A photo safari through Petersburg and Lincoln County Tennessee. November 2017 Gill Cemetery in Lincoln County  Winston W. Gill had a long life!   Bustling downtown Petersburg on a Friday afternoon. That's my truck!  Inside the old Royal Theatre. Shows over I think.   Royal… read more.

Stuff on the Drawing Table(s)

 Here are some various drawing projects that have been on my drawing tables lately. Also some sketchbook stuff. I just got a new table at a Jerry's Artarama clearance sale for cheap. They are moving to a new location in East Nashville soon. It will be a good move for them as it is a better location… read more.

Primm Barn in Brentwood Tennessee sketches.

 Yesterday's field sketches of Primm barn on Moores Lane in Brentwood. Took plenty of reference shots too for later works. Also of the house from the road with the zoom lens. Looks haunted. I need to do some perspective studies on the drafting table of the dormer. All those vanishing points on those… read more.

Rainy April "Watercolors and Gouache"

A very rainy and cloudy April in Middle Tennessee this year. My last day of April sketch. I like to do a quick pencil for memory assistance in my truck if I see something I like and then paint later at home. (gouache on 8x11 sheet) The first day of May is nice and sunny here by the way.   These… read more.

Some Dog and Cat Portraits

A few dog and cat portraits I have painted lately. All 8x10 in Acrylic and Gouache.  Lil' Frisky  Whitey  Luke  Luna  Ranger Message me and I can get your best friend portrait painted. Visit this link http://www.chrisousleystudio.com/pet-portraits.html for… read more.

Nocturne and Cloudy Day Paintings

 I always have fun painting these nocturne and cloudy day paintings. Also viewing other artist's paintings and drawing of the same.   Super Moon Phase Click to Purchase  Grey January Sky Click To Purchase  Approaching Winter Storm Last Super Moon… read more.

Ousley Paints the Moon and New Years Resolution

 I always like seeing my fellow artist's moon paintings and drawings, looking at it through my telescope, binoculars etc. I took memory notes when I walked Lucky Marie during last super moon phase. I painted these in Turner brand gouaches. Used the spray mister some for some soft effects. Jerry's… read more.

Nashville Art Crawl December 2016

Sketches from Nashville Art Crawl December 2016. First time I have been to the Nashville Art Crawl since last spring. I like to get home from these type events and draw the people that I remember most. It was rainy and chilly so I left my sketchbook in the truck. Had to draw from memory at home. The… read more.

McFarlin Road House and Tom Tansil

… read more.