McCullough Partee Watercolors of Old Nashville

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
McCullough Partee Watercolors of Old Nashville

 Some watercolors by an old friend of mine McCullough Partee. 1900-1989

I was able to meet him in “88 and he and his wife invited me and a friend over a few times to their home. He was happy that we both loved the old illustrators and showed us his art, talked about the old days in Nashville and art school, old illustrators he met and gave us some sound art advice. Also, we both were volleyball players. He played in the 1920’s and me in the 1980 & 90’s. I have a Hume Fogg High School 1918 yearbook. He is in it and did some drawings for it.  Every time I pass Hume Fogg I think of ol’ Mac.

Summer in 2013 his daughter contacted me and I took a few snapshots. I miss Mr. Partee
 Down the stairs at the State Capitol
Legislative Plaza would be right across the street now.
 War Memorial Building is at that corner now.
Below are some scans featuring him from the 1918 Hume Fogg High School Yearbook.