American Trust Building painting procedure in oil

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 I have always liked this entrance on the American Trust Building in Downtown Nashville. It’s great when the late morning sun hits it just right. It was finished in 1926 and is now Hotel 315 / Hotel Indigo.
Cathleen Windham’s post (An Artist’s Confession) re-inspired me to hit the city/urbanscapes again to augment my landscapes. 
Go visit her studio site… 
 Nashville has some great historic buildings that have so many cool details. I like zipping through Nashville on my bicycle or motorcycle and always have my camera and or sketchpad with me. I am nerdy on perspective and like to draw buildings.
 I started painting this from a photo I took on my iPad. I set the iPad in a safe place and start scrubbing in the shadow shapes after I toned the 8×10 canvas board. The warm color will peek through at places when complete. I prefer to paint oil or acrylic on a toned canvas. My palette is Mars Black, Orange, Ultramarine Blue and White. Really looks like crap now, but I know where i am going. Pretty much an elevation drawing with some one point perspective. Simple stuff.
 I start painting in my light and mid tone areas. I am using Windsor Newton Liquin as my medium + mineral spirits. I am moving pretty fast. No slacking!
 Working all over the painting now really fast, pulling it together and adding detail. Along with Liquin I also like to use Gamblin’s Neo Meglip Medium. Gamblin Neo Meglip dries really fast. It gets tacky quick and I can paint over thinner areas within the hour. At this stage it time for a coffee break, play with the cat and let it settle. 
When I get back it’s just adding detail, cleaning and fixing it up, accents, etc. I will leave it be till tomorrow, finish it and scan it when it’s dry to post. It will be dry tomorrow.
Here is the finished painting of the American Trust Building 9×10

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