A June Day in the Country and City

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 I took a birthday cruise 6/22 on the motorcycle through Rutherford and Cannon Counties (Kawasaki Vulcan). It was a perfect day and took plenty of stops to get some compositions in the sketchbook and iPod. Some I just had to remember as I cruised along or I would stop every mile.
   I stopped to get the new cornfield because that road cutting through it caught my eye. Composition drew itself. It made it to the tan gouache sketchbook as did the barn.  Last year the drought was bad and crops suffered, but hopefully this year our farmer friends will have a good crop.
New Cornfield  (gouache 5×7)
 The barn is in Cannon County. I took a couple shots on the iPod of it to work from. Can’t remember everything.
Cannon County Barn (gouache 5×7)
 Down the road was this scene which pretty much drew itself. Nice curve on the light grey road with the cool shadow cast from the big tree. Had to stop and soak it in There were goats on the side of that hill. I see more goats in Cannon County… May have to visit here in the fall.
 All kinds of Tennessee greens are out. Speaking of Tennessee greens. Pay visit to Kevin Menck’s Studio Site www.kevinmenck.com  He is the go to guy for Tennessee Greens. He is a fellow class mate of the Harris School of Art that was in Franklin TN. (RIP Paul Lenk, the best drawing teacher ever!)
 The week before I drew some city scenes in Nashville and took some photos for future reference.
 The L shaped design always works well in cityscapes.
These are in the Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Pad 6×8
  An alley cat made his way into the sketch.

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