Oil from my Watercolor Sketch

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 I have my 6×8 canvas panel here toned yellow and was looking through my watercolor sketchbook for something to paint today. I picked this scene from one of my motorcycle rides. See http://www.chrisousley.com/blog/watercolor-snaps-from-my-thumbnail-sketches/   I like to do a lot from memory and improvisation in my sketchbooks.
 I went ahead and started laying down my dark shapes. Fast. Ultramarine, Red, Yellow and White is my palette.
  Simple piece, so mid tones pop in quick. Big brushes. Muck around with the clouds and sky. Some warmth near the horizon. Go look at the sky to see what I mean. Add some detail and flickers of light with my little brush.
 A little Queen Anne Lace action going on in the foreground. I am using Gamblin Neo Meglip for my medium. Really sets quick so I can lightly paint over previous areas. Neo Meglip handles slick and dried pretty fast. More slippery than Liquin. I like both. I am going to let it set a bit and then finish it up. About a half hour oil sketch.