Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School. Nashville Tennessee

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog

 We had a fun time at, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School in Nashville. A room full of talented artists were there drawing. Ms Apple lead the class and I was the new kid in school, this being my first day at Dr. Sketchy’s. No bullies were in sight.

I hope to see more of my artist friends at future sessions. That means YOU. What better way to sharpen your sketching skills.

 Here is  quote from Dr. Sketchy’s Facebook page,

School’s in for all those darn hooligans, and what better way to welcome increased traffic, 50¢ notebooks, tax free clothes, and those deliciously naughty teachers we know y’all fantasized about at the end of the day!

 Details: Get your drawing on! Dr. Sketchy’s offers live figure drawing for all artists of any medium! These 3 hour sessions happen on the third Sunday of every month at The 5 Spot in East Nashville, 6pm to 9pm. Past sessions included magic tricks, live music, salsa dancing, and tons of awesome prizes including gift cards to Mitchell’s Deli, Jerry’s Artarama, and The Groove! 

  Miss Apple started out with some quick 1 – 2 minute poses. 
 The illustrator in me had to editorialize the stressed out teacher.
 Then some 5 and 10 minute poses were added as some school themed music was playing.
 I added some extra detail and polish on some drawings as below after I got home.

Hello Kitty!
Waiting for her ride home.
Draw me at Dr Sketchy’s Class.

School is out. Time for a more classical pose. 
 I turned her into a flapper when I got home. Influenced by Boardwalk Empire and thinking about John LaGatta. Nucky Thompson and Chalky White would approve.