Some Sketchbook Stuff

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 Filled up the sketchbook pretty good these past several days. I like to mix it up with pencil ink and watercolor. Mostly are from memory of brief snippets I happen to see. Like the gardener, cats and butteflies. The hay bale I saw from an afternoon ride.
I walked Lucky Marie around Centennial Park last Sunday. Great day at the park as folks were just relaxing with their families, playing frizbee etc. Not much detail but who cares. Your sketchbook is for you and a place to jot down notes, scribbles and memories. Plenty of time for detail later if you want.
A great day for a Sno Cone, but Lucky and I had water! Woof Woof! 

  A trip to the farmers market was good another day as the shade felt nice and a breeze kicked up. Some Starbucks action another day. I usually drink my coffee at home, but Starbucks make a nice treat sometimes. 

 Below is a pen and ink sketch I drew from a previous pencil sketch I did downtown. The guys seemed to like watching the girl eating those fries. I don’t know if she shared.

 Below is the storm moving in as I drove down the road. I locked the scene in my head and got it down quick when I got home.
Messing around with some nocturnal graveyard scenes below. Halloween will be here soon enough. Keep plugging around in your sketchbooks. Don’t fret about detail. Just get the idea down. Go out there and draw whatever you want to draw.