Lincoln County aka Jack Daniels Country

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
I went to Lynchburg TN a couple weeks ago. Always one of my favorite rides as there always plenty of bikers at the Lynchburg square. The road between Shelbyville and Lynchburg is full of great subjects. 
 Below are some of my procedures on my oil paintings. These I did in the studio. I tend to forget to snap pics as I paint when I do these. 
 This I scrubbed in a sky with some ultramarine, magenta and white on a ochre toned background. Thinned with mineral spirits and Neo Meglip by Gamblin. Stuff really dries quick.
Then I scrub in the tree, stone wall and darks with a grayed green. I pop in some white where the road is.
Pop in the leaves and stones and keep refining all the elements and pull things together all over the painting. 
Take a coffee break, walk Lucky Marie our champion pup, come back and proceed to add details like the poles, fence and stones etc.

Basically a 3 value painting below. I had a grayed down violet toned canvas for this one. I scrubbed in the big dark masses…
 I used a thin paint mixture with the medium for the barn (grey violet/white). The medium set real quick so I came back with the thin rigger brush for the plank detail. Threw some red/white on the roof…
Leaves and tree work. Cool and warm greens. Detail on the roof. Then I poked some holes for the sky. 
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