Session at Jeanie’s Studio November, 22 “Warehouse 521”

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
Some more life drawing action at Jeanie’s Studio aka Warehouse 521. Elizabeth returned and Cyndy set for us as well. Cyndy had a nice white top on, scarf and colorful necklace.
Also her black skirt created a nice contrast with the outfit.

 Elizabeth returned for another session. I think I needed some binoculars for this sketch as I was pretty far back. I made some color notes. Maybe I will add a little color pencil or gouache to the sketch.
  I sat down on the floor to get this next sketch. My butt gets numb after a while from sitting on the hard floor. It was a good view though and worth it. 🙂
 It was good to stand and get this higher POV of Elizabeth. A little foreshortening practice on the arm!


 I look over to the right and had to sketch some fellow painters hard at work before the models took a break.

See you all next time.