Winter Sketchbook and Acrylic Paintings

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 I like to remember things when I am out and about. A lot enters my sketchbook and some I develop more into paintings. I do little thumbnails and just remember the patterns and colors. Here are a couple from the icy day when I walked my pup Lucky Marie early in the morning and then went into town at near dusk. These are acrylic paintings. 5×7

I walked my dog Lucky Marie at 4 degrees the other morning and this is my sketch of the woods behind my house. Little bit of ice and snow with the new sun shining through. I did a quick thumbnail when I got home of the impression and painted this 5×7 acrylic from it.
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Cruising into town I always pass this field on a local farm in La Vergne Tennessee. The light was low and the temperature dropped fast. As usual I remembered the patterns and colors to sketch when I got home. The clouds on the horizon caught the last light of the day. Pretty soon I saw Venus. Oh yea, it was 10 degrees.