Another Studio 521 Session

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
Some more life drawing action at Jeanie’s Studio aka Warehouse 521. As usual always a good crew at 521 on these sessions. I love hanging out with my art buddies. I ain’t too chatty at times but love listening in on what every one has learned at various workshops and artists they admire.
 I was happy to see Andrew was a model for us today. He is one of our favorites. He was a bit tired today, but did a great job as usual. A sharp guy. I really liked his shoes and hat!

 Leah and Heather set for us next. A bit of a Gibson Girl era feel to this session. That bowl of fruit made another appearance from last session. 😉

I snuck up behind Leah to get some profile action.

 I broke in my new Sakura Pen-touch white gel pen on the grey paper along with the white prismacolor pencil.