Staying Busy in 2014

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 Hey chickapeas. Trying to stay busy here in the studio. I had a pretty productive day. Got all the illustrations for “Karl the Grateful Dog” completed and scanned. Painted some landscapes from Wilson County. I took some decent reference shots with my iPod touch. Great tool to draw from. Instant reference. Just set it next to your easel or sketchpad. Pics small but all you need is there.
 I like to mix things up in the studio. From different medium to subjects, style etc. The Zentangle Workshop at Jerry’s Artarama really opened a whole new work artwise for me. I recommend taking the next workshop whether you draw or not. It’s for everyone and you will be surprised at what you create.

 Gouache is great for nailing down what you want fast once you get the hang of it. Maybe I will teach a workshop on it some day. I never hear of anyone teaching it. I learned it on my own by studying some classic illustrators like Al Parker, Coby Whitmore and Richard Loehle.


A bold green butterfly painting was completed. Come on spring.

Some Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) was done. I never know what will happen with these or where it goes or what will appear. That’s what is so much fun about ZT for me.

I even made some gains at the gym. Time to go to bed. Peace Out.