Old Time Pen and Ink Drawing by Newspaper Artists

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog

 I always like browsing through old newspapers at http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov. If you like classic pen and ink drawing, this site is for you. It takes some browsing, but it is well worth it.

 A lot of well known illustrators got their start as newspaper artists. William Glackens, Henry Raleigh, Herbert Morton Stoops, Jeffery Machamer and Harrison Fisher to name a few. The San Francisco Call, the New York and Washington Papers has some of the best illustrations. Especially the Sunday Editions.

Game Day reporting back in the day!
Cheerleader 1902. Great line work. I wish these were scanned in color. I have seen some similar ones like this in color.

Herbert Morton Stoops November 1911 San Francisco Call 

Sketch artist’s sent to fire. Quick sketch and back to drawing board to finish from memory and notes in time for next issue.

Courtroom drama


Nice linoleum cut style inking

My Doctor prescribes Shlitz Beer for me and a Gibson Girl delivers!

Holiday Shopping back in the day. Not much has changed.