Unique and Mysterious Tombstone at Nashville City Cemetery

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
Worn tombstone at old Nashville City Cemetery I took a picture of. A couple in bed together? Names and dates have eroded off. I wonder who they were? Buried together maybe? I did a little research and found out a little…
Next screenshot is from the Nashville City Cemetery Website TheNashvilleCityCemetery.org 


A quick research on the Cemetery website site yielded, 

Anna Gale Born Feb. 1, 1819

Died July 30, 1849


Thomas Gale  (Dr. Thomas Gale)

Born March 31, 1852

Died July 11, 18?8

 I found this on the Nashville Library records website.




 I wish it was not so eroded as it is an interesting monument with the two people in bed together. I was intrigued by it when I first saw it about 15 years ago. I bet a photo exists out there that was taken way back when. Who knows?


 Here is a photo taken by Pamela Larue of the monument. Go visit her site at,

 The next pics may be related as they appeared in my search.


Thanks to Allen Sullivant for some deeper sleuthing. Quote,


 “I’m going to take a leap and relate a conclusion I drew from a reference to the Polk-Gale papers collection at the University of North Carolina. Anna Gale and Thomas Gale were grandmother and grandson. Anna Gale and husband Dr. Thomas Gale had 3 sons, one of whom was William D. Gale. When William’s first wife (I presume the mother of the younger Thomas Gale buried in his plot) died, he remarried, to a daughter of Bishop/General Leonidas Polk. During the war, he served on Gen. Polk’s staff, and the papers collection contains letters he wrote home during the war. I don’t have any guess as to the significance of the marker, but if it were less worn I could see it depicting a child or young woman in the arms of an angel. The figure closer to the top of the marker appears to have wings.”


 Thanks again Alan for the information. My next visit I will take some different angle photos.

 Could be angel wings. Another soul brought to heaven.

Paintings by Bouguereau. 


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