Daler-Rowney Paints and Clovercroft Farmhouse

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog

12 x 24 (oil) version of Clovercroft Road farmhouse I painted last month. I am fixing to take it to Ansbach Artisans in Franklin. I will be there the evening (June 27) I was test driving some Daler-Rowney Georgian paints on this one. Just French Ultramarine, Cadmium Red and Lemon Yellow + Titanium White. Excellent paints that perform as well as pricier brands. These are keepers.

 This property on Clovercroft Road sold recently, so I don’t know if this scene will be around long. It will probably be an an upscale McMansion development soon. Maybe not, who knows…  

Here is the 6×12 I painted last month. A more humid day look here compared to above.