Local Landscapes Part 1

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 Local landscapes around my part of town.

The sun is starting to burn off the morning fog around this old forgotten family cemetery. Cool violets ochres and muted greens in this watercolor. (5×7) Available at http://www.chrisousley.com/art/foggy-morning-watercolor/

Saw this stray dogwood near my home. I tried to remember as much as I could so I could watercolor at home. A bit of morning sun hitting the top of the blossoms and a bit of morning mist against the distant trees really stuck in my memory. Available here,  http://www.chrisousley.com/art/stray-dogwood/

 Early morning frost on a December morning. Dawn light just peeking over the ridge. Watercolor 8×10. Available here http://www.chrisousley.com/art/december-morning-frost/

Spring Field in LaVergne TN and some daffodils are starting to appear. Watercolor painting 5×7 SOLD

“Little Birds” After some rain I saw some little brown birds near an old barn while out. A little blue sky was starting to appear as the rain clouds went away. Stuck in my head for some reason. Memory stuff. (5.5 x 8 watercolor) SOLD

La Vergne Soybean Field ready for harvest. The sun hits the field just right and I see some nice ochres and muted magenta when I drive by this soy field. It is off Waldron Road in La Vergne Tennessee. That front row of soy beans are still green. Watercolor 8×10. Available here, http://www.chrisousley.com/art/la-vergne-soybean-field-2/


Watercolor of some farmland in La Vergne on an October day. Some years corn is grown. These past two years it has been soybeans. Plenty of scenes to paint within a mile or two radius of my home. Watercolor 8×10. Available here, http://www.chrisousley.com/art/farmland-in-lavergne-tennessee-watercolor/


Long abandoned farmhouse off McFarlin Road in the Nolensville Tennessee area. No telling how old it is. I got it here with the late afternoon light keeping it in shadow. Gouache 5×7. Availabe here, http://www.chrisousley.com/art/forgotten-shadows-abandoned-farmhouse/

This tree has seen a lot back in it’s day. It is right next to an old abandoned farmhouse near La Vergne Tennessee. That cool October shadow was full of lavender and ultramarine. Watercolor 8×10. Available here,