Ousley Paints the Moon and New Years Resolution

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 I always like seeing my fellow artist’s moon paintings and drawings, looking at it through my telescope, binoculars etc. I took memory notes when I walked Lucky Marie during last super moon phase.
 I painted these in Turner brand gouaches. Used the spray mister some for some soft effects. Jerry’s Artarama sells them in the Nashville area. I like them as well as Windsor Newton brand as they perform quite well. Tell Amanda and Adam that Chris Ousley sent you.
 Oh yea, my New Year’s resolution is to draw and paint more. Duh… and work hard at my job. 

Another moon through trees. (gouache 5×7) Like I said I looked at the last super moon through the trees while walking Lucky last month. It was cold. Just made up the lake from remembering Radnor Lake. May have to take Lucky there someday. She would like it and the people. Not the other dogs..
Available here, Buy Me with PapPal 

 They look pretty cool in black and white too.