Rainy April “Watercolors and Gouache”

by Tennessee Artist Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog

A very rainy and cloudy April in Middle Tennessee this year. My last day of April sketch. I like to do a quick pencil for memory assistance in my truck if I see something I like and then paint later at home. (gouache on 8×11 sheet) The first day of May is nice and sunny here by the way.

  These daisies were in a field near my home. I picked a few for Diane and painted this watercolor/gouache from my pencil drawing.

 Some wet in wet watercolor based on memories cruising around the local countryside on some early spring days after a rain storm. (I had to add a couple figures.) French ultramarine being grainy, tends to pool up in the textured watercolor paper. This Turner Brand is REALLY grainy! I used the spray mister and let the water do it’s work with the watercolors.