Stuff on the Drawing Table(s)

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
 Here are some various drawing projects that have been on my drawing tables lately. Also some sketchbook stuff. I just got a new table at a Jerry’s Artarama clearance sale for cheap. They are moving to a new location in East Nashville soon. It will be a good move for them as it is a better location. Farther for me to drive but good for them! 3 drawing table mean that I can have 3 projects going on at once! Lucky me…
 I broke in some new pen nibs on this piece I purchased from Paper Ink Arts in Nashville. A fine shop with loaded of good stuff for calligraphers and pen and ink artists.  


Building in Bell Buckle Tennessee. Preliminary drawing for a pen and ink. Russ Faxon the sculptor has his studio in there. 

 House in Smyrna Tennessee. Sketch for watercolor.