Life Drawing at Warehouse 521 1/15

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
Some more life drawing action at Jeanie’s Studio aka Warehouse 521. Always a good crew at 521 on these sessions. I would rather hang out with my art buddies than most anyone. Birds of feather thing you know…
Melanie and Heidi sat for us. I used some Prismacolor pencils along with the normal graphite and white.

Melanie sat at the table and read while we sketched her. White glasses and hat were cool. I changed the colors.

 Heidi posed as a gardner with some flower action happening. I got a little crazy with the doodles on the margins during breaks

I don’t remember this model’s name, but she is a good one. Plenty of hat drawing practice with these sessions!

A few minutes for a drapery sketch. I like to zoom in on a detail and sketch it out. A lot of my friends do too.