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Nocturne and Cloudy Day Paintings

 I always have fun painting these nocturne and cloudy day paintings. Also viewing other artist’s paintings and drawing of the same.      Super Moon Phase Click to Purchase    Grey January Sky Click To Purchase    Approaching Winter Storm  Last Super Moon of 2017    Searchlights Buy Me  

Ousley Paints the Moon and New Years Resolution

 I always like seeing my fellow artist’s moon paintings and drawings, looking at it through my telescope, binoculars etc. I took memory notes when I walked Lucky Marie during last super moon phase.  I painted these in Turner brand gouaches. Used the spray mister some for some soft effects. Jerry’s Artarama sells them in the… read more

Nashville Art Crawl December 2016

Sketches from Nashville Art Crawl December 2016. First time I have been to the Nashville Art Crawl since last spring. I like to get home from these type events and draw the people that I remember most. It was rainy and chilly so I left my sketchbook in the truck. Had to draw from memory… read more

McFarlin Road House and Tom Tansil

 Old abandoned house on McFarlin Road in-between Nolensville and La Vergne TN. Looks like Tom Tansil payed them a campaign visit during his run for County Court Clerk. Found remains of this card in a corner on the floor. (inks and pencils) 8×10   Same house a couple years ago in the summer. (Gouache) … read more

Sketchbook Out and About People

 Sketchbook Out and About People. Plenty of phones. Pencil on Strathmore Grey sketchbook. Office Mate white marker, Gelly Roll and white pencil for whites.  I like to observe people out and about. Remember a few and sketch them when I get home.    Adios!     

Spooky Graveyard for color

Spooky Graveyard for color. For PC/Windows “Right Click / Save As” to get large file size. Drag and drop on desktop for Apple/Mac.     SaveSave

Paper Doll Style Drawings

 Thanks Sylvia Fahey Kleindist for messaging me saying that I may have a knack for drawing these. And also Jenny Talidoros for introducing me to The Original Paper Doll Artists Guild. (I joined)  Here are a few practice pencil sketches. One 1920’s themed and the other contemporary styles. Lot’s of fun.      I am working… read more

Some More Drawings for my Coloring Book

 I had to work on another project this past week and a half (top secret) plus busy at the day job. Had to put the book work on hold a bit. Back at it this weekend and up too late as usual. Here are a few more. Last pic in this post is a higher… read more

A Few More Drawings For My Book

 I have about 25 or so drawings now. Here are a few more.          

Some Sketches and Inks…

Some Sketches and Inks that are going into my 1910’s-1920 book for Adult Coloring. I will have some full page illustration and multiple spot illustrations. I have not decided on a title or cover illustration yet. Someone told me to call it “Color My Sketchbook?” NOPE! Bennett Klein has that one!  Quite a project between… read more