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A June Day in the Country and City

 I took a birthday cruise 6/22 on the motorcycle through Rutherford and Cannon Counties (Kawasaki Vulcan). It was a perfect day and took plenty of stops to get some compositions in the sketchbook and iPod. Some I just had to remember as I cruised along or I would stop every mile.        … read more

American Trust Building painting procedure in oil

 I have always liked this entrance on the American Trust Building in Downtown Nashville. It’s great when the late morning sun hits it just right. It was finished in 1926 and is now Hotel 315 / Hotel Indigo.   Cathleen Windham’s post (An Artist’s Confession) re-inspired me to hit the city/urbanscapes again to augment my… read more

McCullough Partee Watercolors of Old Nashville

McCullough Partee Watercolors of Old Nashville  Some watercolors by an old friend of mine McCullough Partee. 1900-1989 I was able to meet him in “88 and he and his wife invited me and a friend over a few times to their home. He was happy that we both loved the old illustrators and showed us… read more

Karl the Great

 I just finished Karl’s portrait in oil. Karl is my brother Jeff Ousley’s dog. He great dog that makes new friends wherever he goes. Jeff adopted him after he was rescued undernourished and neglected from the streets. I say Karl won the lottery. Karl says Jeff won the lottery because he got a great dog!

“Good Morning” (Trees in morning sun)

Sketched these trees one morning in my neighborhood. The trees casting a shadow from that morning sunlight had to be drawn. I noticed it many time and finally got around to drawing it. 

Watercolor Snaps from my Thumbnail Sketches

I like to do quick thumbnail sketches in my little bitty sketchbook and then paint my watercolors from memory at home. I was on the motorcycle cruising around Middle Tennessee and made plenty of mental notes as I cruised through the countryside on my Kawasaki Vulcan.  I remember as many patterns and colors as I… read more

“World’s Richest Busboy” by J. J. Brito

“World’s Richest Busboy” by J. J. Brito   This is a great book! I bought it from J. J. Brito himself at the Anastasia Pier Farmers Market. It is hard to put down and I read it in a couple days. You feel like you are right there with him as he travels through Central… read more

Trip to Florida with my sketchbook and watercolors

 We went to visit St. Augustine Florida and as usual had a good time. Of course I brought along my sketchbook and watercolors. I left the oils at home.   Cruising around town it always nice to see peoples plants and flowers.    On down the road to Matanzas it felt nice and cool under the… read more

A trip to St. Augustine Florida. Brought my watercolor sketch books along.

We just got back from a trip to St Augustine Florida. I brought my watercolors along for the ride and will post up some soon.

Great Watercolor Sketchbook is the Aquabee Super Deluxe Red Cover

 I always recommend this sketchbook to fellow watercolorists. It is the Aquabee Super Deluxe Sketchbook. It has the maroon cover. It is heavy weight drawing paper for use with wet and dry media.    It is inexpensive and you will not be afraid to slam some color on it. It has a nice textured surface… read more