Warehouse 521 Session on April 11 in Nashville Tennessee

by Tennessee Artist and Illustrator Chris Ousley in Ousley's Art Blog
As usual another fun session at Warehouse 521 aka Jeannie’s Studio in Berry Hill. I did not get the models names. 
 This lady had some gorgeous skin tones that my fellow artists captured with their oil paints. I really liked her head wear as it real added some extra interest. It complemented her skin tones very well for those who painted. As usual I just did pencil drawings.

 Our next model wore a long pink dress. She lounged on the couch with a wine glass. As I just finished a biography on Charles Dana Gibson and she could have stepped out of one of his drawings. Harrison Fisher, Howard Chandler Christy and Leyendecker would have liked her too!
 She posed for a few1 minute gestures for the crew. Got to draw fast! No monkeying around.

Relaxing with some “wine” waiting for someone…

 I personally like using my pencil like a pen and let the strokes and hatching carrying the drawing. I guess that is from my pen and ink background. I do soften a little with my finger here and there. I hate seeing pencil drawings with all that smudging, blending and smearing. I know a lot of people like that. Not me.

Kids, don’t skip detail sketches. Observation practice serves you well later on. My be boring but do it anyway. It’s just advice.
See you next time.
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